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👂🏻 How big is the EAR逸耳? How many weights? Will it be inconvenient to use?

EAR is foldable and can be put in the bag without taking much space. It can also be worn around the neck comfortably.

In comparison, EAR is certainly much bigger than conventional hearing aids but its’ bigger size is made up for by the comfort it provides. Using the analogy of a smartphone and a tablet, while the smartphone is more convenient to carry, the tablet offers a bigger screen size for ease of use and viewing.

There are challenges and dissatisfactions associated with using conventional hearing aids on top of their burdensome high prices and EAR offers a better alternative.

👂🏻 I am afraid that I cannot be constantly wearing EAR for the whole day

EAR works like a pair of reading glasses; you wear it only when you need it. We do not recommend users to be constantly wearing EAR; it is not comfortable to wear something for long periods of time.

👂🏻 People with hearing loss often face the challenge of not hearing others calling out to them and the elderly may find having to constantly put on and remove EAR逸耳 a hassle.

However constantly wearing hearing aids may pose a few problems:

  1. All sounds including unwanted sounds like sudden laughter, car horning and things dropping are amplified and the unwanted sounds might shock the wearer.

  2. Stuffy feeling in the ear.

  3. Sound is not natural after being processed and digitised.

EAR逸耳 is suitable for the various lifestyles and habits of the elderly.

  1. If they are constantly communicating, they can bring EAR逸耳 along everywhere (hang around their neck) or place sets of EAR逸耳 at different places.

  2. If they watch TV frequently, EAR逸耳 can be placed on the sofa.Depending on different lifestyles and habits, EAR逸耳 can be used just like a pair of reading glasses.

Convincing someone with hearing loss to constantly wear hearing aid is difficult because it is uncomfortable, sound is not natural and it is not very effective. With EAR逸耳, we hope to provide something comfortable to wear and effective. Hence persuading someone with hearing loss to wear EAR逸耳 is worth the effort.

👂🏻 Can EAR逸耳 help those with complete hearing loss in both ears?

For those with complete hearing loss and zero hearing strength, EAR逸耳 will not be useful.

The simple verification method is as shown in the figure.

Suitable Users of EAR逸耳.jpg

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👂🏻 Can I use EAR逸耳 when talking on the phone?

EAR逸耳 can be used with mobile phones or local calls. Usage:

  1. Wear EAR逸耳, and press the phone's amplification button.

  2. Listen directly to your phone with your ear. Since the sound of the telephone tube is directly received from the ear, it is often more clear than face-to-face, because the ear is close to the microphone, avoiding the interference of the space.

  3. Wear an EAR逸耳 and put your phone or microphone into the earmuffs.

👂🏻 EAR逸耳 be used with the original electronic hearing aid?


  1. It can be used simultaneously with an earbud hearing aid, but the volume of the earbud hearing aid should be lower.

  2. An ear-hook electronic hearing aid (with the microphone at the back) is not suitable because it will cause an echo.

  3. The EAR逸耳 can be used in turn with hearing aids. Just like smart phones and tablets, when you need high mobility, use a small hearing aid.
    When you need to listen more clearly, use it more comfortably, and use it more easily, use EAR逸耳 .

👂🏻 Can EAR逸耳 be used with glasses?

Yes, the comfort of carrying the glasses (or reading glasses) at the same time has been considered.

👂🏻 Is EAR逸耳 useful for listening to music in concert halls?

We have tried using EAR逸耳 in music concerts and the results are VERY good.

👂🏻 How to wear the ear properly?

Can refer to the following videos

Also refer to Usage, or refer to Shop.

👂🏻 Why are there so many unpleasant places for hearing aids in general? What is the improvement of the EAR逸耳?

Comparisons between EAR逸耳 and hearing aids in the market.png

👂🏻 How many sizes does EAR逸耳?

There is only one size that fits most adult head shapes, just like the universal headphone size, and other special sizes will be considered in the future.

👂🏻 How to repair the EAR逸耳?

There is an old customer half price maintenance program. Please contact the original purchase office for inquiries.

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