Features of



Like a pair of reading glasses

Can be worn easily when needed just like putting on a pair of reading glasses.

Just like wearing a pair of headphones, no need for special individualised adjustments or tuning, can be worn for all activities with no restrictions to movement.


Clear Sound

Sound coming from the front will be concentrated and amplified.

Noise from the side and back will be filtered.

We will not amplify the sound in all directions and confuse the users.


Comfortable to wear

Conventional headphone design.

No more clip-on or in-ear design with stuffy feeling in the ear when talking.


Natural Sound

Sound is not processed or digitised in any way.

Free from electromagnetic waves.


Fashionable Design

Just like wearing a pair of trendy headphones.


Environmental friendly

No batteries or charging needed.

Resistant to sweat corrosion.

No need for factory maintenance, parts repair.