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Testing in Sound Lab

The frequency band region of 500 - 4K is most sensitive to the human ears.

Experiments by professional audiologists in sound lab revealed that wearing EAR increases the sensitivity of our hearing to high frequency sounds (refer to red line in diagram).

Comprehensive tests on EAR逸耳 revealed that sound from the back is reduced and sound approaching the wearer from the front is amplified, resulting in much better clarity of the front sound.


Science behind EAR逸耳

Through a well-designed reflective solid material surface in EAR逸耳, we can make use of sound waves bouncing off to effectively capture and concentrate sound from the front and reducing noises/echoes from other directions.

For many hearing impaired whereby they are unable to differentiate sound frequencies in the environment, background noises is a major distraction to them to hear well.

In the design of EAR逸耳, sound not coming from the front is reduced (the sound you do not intend to hear). This is a very important design for many hearing impaired.

Science behind EAR逸耳.jpg
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Suitable Users of EAR逸耳

Are you or your family members bothered by the following?

  • Frustrated that you cannot hear a conversation clearly and always seems to be able to only capture bits and pieces resulting in misinterpretation.

  • Feel embarrassed to keep asking the other party to repeat his/her words.

  • Not able to communicate clearly or maintain a good bi-directional conversation resulting in poor interactions with people.

  • Television volume being turned on louder and louder as you cannot hear clearly, triggering family members to leave you alone to watch as they cannot bear with the loud volume.

  • Unintentional ignorance to door bell & telephone ringing

  • Volume too low => cannot hear
    Volume too high => disturbing to others

  • Huh? What? Pardon?!