Usage of



The way how to use it is just push this earmuff gently forward. Behind the back of the ears. Then you adjust the direction you want to hear. If you want to listen to him, you can heading in this direction. and him, and her. Adjustment like this way. Very convenient.

And it’s falling in the water, it’s fine. You still can wear it after you wash it.. No need to bring a battery or anything else. Just as easy as wearing reading glasses Wear it when you use it. Just a few seconds.

It can be folded when it is collected. Folded and put into the box. Then if you will use it temporarily. Carrying a backpack when you go out. You can hang it directly here. very convenient. It won't affect your movement.


Steps for usage


Correct and wrong way to wear



  • The product can be easily cleaned with a dry rag.

  • For more serious cleaning, water or neutral detergent can be used.

  • Please do not use alcohol, toluene, or acid and alkali cleaners.


  • Please retract the extendable frame before folding.

  • Do not disassemble it.

  • Please keep away from high temperatures.

  • Do not sit on it.

  • Avoid heavy impact, e.g. Tossing or drop from high floor.